Back on the surgery list …… now it’s just the wait……..

Well since the last update its been the same with an up and down pain level and with the return of the radiculopathy, yes sadly, I thought the trapped nerve had been released from the doctor's suggestion of the disc bulge from my lumbar spine and had shriveled up, releasing the nerve. After 3 weeks [READ MORE]

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Being put at ease…….

Dystopian, unprecedented, extraordinary, and frightening are some of the adjectives everyone is using to describe what we face right now on COVID 19. It is scary from someone like me at 61 years old, high risk of catching the virus with my conditions, with Osteoarthritis, Disc Degeneration Disease, a recent heart attack, and spine surgeries; [READ MORE]

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Chris Mann

Its been an up and down couple days from my last post. These are difficult times with the COVID-19 and what timing for my microdiscectomy even though we are on a stay at home ordered yesterday. I get out each day to walk and exercise but boy trying to walk through the pain can be [READ MORE]

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No Surgery today folks

As you know, today was supposed to be “The Big Day” – the microdiscectomy in my lower back, but on Monday, we received notice that due to COVID-19 (Corona Virus), it was postponed indefinitely. I have been in extraordinary pain since November of 2019, awaiting this surgery, and this most recent month, my pain has [READ MORE]

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There is nothing funny about pain. But with the right willingness, education, and attitude, you can start finding relief.

Hi Everyone, I know you're probably thinking I fell off the planet, lol, ..... no just dealing with another round of health issues on my spine and will be having surgery on March 19th, and oh boy have I been waiting for this one. This all started back in November and gradually got worse over time. [READ MORE]

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