Hi Everyone, I know you’re probably thinking I fell off the planet, lol, ….. no just dealing with another round of health issues on my spine and will be having surgery on March 19th, and oh boy have I been waiting for this one. This all started back in November and gradually got worse over time.

The doctors decided to do, what they are calling, tune-ups every two to three years for the rest of my life. lol. As usual, you all are great and I can’t keep saying this enough, but thank you for your love and support and checking in with me. I missed my usual best wishes to everyone that I usually do to you all-around Thanksgiving and Christmas but sorry dealing with what I was dealt with and life issues took all my time. I know some of you like to find out more details of my health which I appreciate, but know it can be wearing on some and don’t want to bother everyone. My dear friend of over many years Jennifer Howell set me up with a blog that I can work on and keep everyone updated.