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My mission is to inform people about pain. It may be their pain, their friends’ pain, their family members, their spouse or whomever, but one thing we all know, everyone has experienced pain. On my podcast, I will be sharing my experiences and how I’ve dealt with each situation. I will also be inviting guests to share their stories, experiences and results. Together, we will show sufferers they are not alone. Let us make mental and physical changes together in the pursuit of relief. Additionally, I will be interviewing doctors and asking them their thoughts, ideas and information. Collectively, this source of shared information will give us a platform for people to come listen, read, and educate themselves; all while having fun while they are here.

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Surgery Checklist

We left off on the last blog talking about opioids. I wanted to finish this as I feel it is very important for people to understand. The body, after a time of taking the opioids, loses the euphoria that you had initially and starts leading you into anxiety, pain and depression. Pain and depression are closely [READ MORE]

March 21st, 2021|BLOG, PETE'S HEALTH UPDATE|

Keep going!!!!

I was very anxious, as it had been five months, to hear what the Interventional Radiologist, or IR doctor, had to say about how he would be doing the procedure. As usual, the appointment was over the phone, late morning, at 11.30 am. I explained to the doctor that the pain was returning and on [READ MORE]

January 24th, 2021|BLOG, PETE'S HEALTH UPDATE|
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