As you know, today was supposed to be “The Big Day” – the microdiscectomy in my lower back, but on Monday, we received notice that due to COVID-19 (Corona Virus), it was postponed indefinitely. I have been in extraordinary pain since November of 2019, awaiting this surgery, and this most recent month, my pain has grown much worse. It has expanded to the point that I have contacted my spine surgeon to move ahead with the next surgery that was supposed to happen, the insertion of rods and cages; a duplicate of my surgery back in Feb 2018. But this time on the thoracic spine.
“Why??” you say-
On one of my most previous appointments, my spine surgeon, Dr. Ganocy, explained to me that due to my condition of Hemochromatosis, and disc degeneration disease, I will need “tune-ups” the rest of my life. Those tune-ups will consist of multiple insertions of rods and cages, looking like one bionic caterpillar all the way up my spine, from the base to the neck. I’ll go into more detail on my podcast for you.

After the visit with Dr. Ganocy, I saw his PA Joe Barresi. Physicians Assistants are unsung heroes in the doctors’ offices. What a great guy, who was super knowledgeable, extremely communicative and patient with my many questions. Not to mention, I went into detail on my x-rays; I still look like Wolverine from the inside. Jen’s waiting for the hand blades next so she can use them as a can opener for her Pepsi.

I have an increased pain further up the spine at what I think is T12, L1 at what I believe is called the lumbar/ thoracic junction, as I twist and bend occasionally, I am feeling tightness around the lower rib cage.
My back is also extremely stiff, more so continuously, as time goes on disabling me greatly.

I also have issues with my coccyx. I had a fall in November, which seemed to exacerbate the pain. It was muted with a steroid injection, but the pain is rearing up again. The x-ray shows a bent coccyx upwards to a hiding point behind the pelvis. They don’t know if it is fractured at the tip. This will continue to be regulated every six months with a steroid shot for the foreseeable future.

Lastly, I’m checking with my pain management doctor, Dr. Shah, to see if he can do another epidural at the surgery point where the microdiscectomy was going to be performed today.