I have to admit that is has been quite a week. From March 26th until exactly four days ago, I had managed to experience some slight relief, as it seems the nerve giving me the most pain had unpinned for a brief time. This is the nerve they were planning to do the radiculopathy on during the now postponed procedure. After originally speaking with my surgeon, he suggested the possibility that the nerve could potentially unpin itself as the disc holding it physically degenerated. I thought that that may have happened, but until I speak with him, I have no idea. I tried looking up any nerve pinning research but was unable to find anything to support that.

I’m truly hoping that some kind of surgery will relieve the pain once and for all. After speaking with my surgeon over a month ago, I suggested to him to have the biggest surgery which is due within 1-3 years; of continuing the cages and rods from my lumbar spine into my thoracic spine. I’m hoping this can be done now, to maximize the potential of relief between now and the next surgery to take place. As soon as Jen and I talk to him on Monday, we will certainly welcome his recommendation and take it from there.