Dystopian, unprecedented, extraordinary, and frightening are some of the adjectives everyone is using to describe what we face right now on COVID 19. It is scary from someone like me at 61 years old, high risk of catching the virus with my conditions, with Osteoarthritis, Disc Degeneration Disease, a recent heart attack, and spine surgeries; more than likely all coming from my genetic hemochromatosis.

I am able to be put at ease on one subject that has been playing on my mind, and therefore stressing me out, and that is today’s telephone phone call with my surgeon. He tells me what I’m feeling with pain now will more than likely go away, he’s 95% confident of that happening. The “tune-ups” on my spine are not to be confused with absolutely necessary and cannot be put on a defined schedule. This is an enormous relief to me and hopes for years of pain relief from now on.