I had a wonderful couple of days with a lot less pain. Well, exactly what the doctor said. The disc that was bulging and trapping the nerve has receded, therefore unpinning the nerve that was trapped at L3, L4. Yes, remember this is where I had surgery with spinal fusion with rods and cages. Well, horrible I had to wait for a surgery that never happened, but great that I have that less pain. Now a little further up I have still no cartilage between, L1 and L2. I feel now, that when I twist, that I pinched another nerve at that joint, or it feels like it anyway.

Gosh, it has been hard and you just want everything to go back to normal, but it doesn’t, and it brings you down. This is why no matter what’s happening in your everyday life you have to find the fun, something to make you smile. Attitude is of the utmost importance, and for those with chronic pain, you know this. Walkthrough the pain, find the light, change that attitude. I have found that to work every time.