My wonderful friend Brittany Bluhm contact me a few days ago and introduced me to a new podcast, called, wait for it, The Pain Podcast. I immediately thought “OK, this is going to be just like one of those other podcasts that I dismiss very quickly because of a bunch of doctors giving their taught schools’ opinion, with no experience of pain themselves. It will probably show a morbid written script that you are so bored listening to and repeat every episode, and please don’t get me wrong, and no offense to them, but it’s imperative to get out people’s stories of true pain so all pain suffers who can all take something from each episode.”

I was completely wrong. To my amazement, they were going in exactly the direction that I wanted to create. They don’t have the humorous side, but that’s it. All I can see is the difference between the names ‘The Pain Podcast’ and ‘It is Painfully Funny”.

My ultimate goal is getting information out to the people to educate themselves, therefore, helping them with pain relief. Curiosity got the better of me, so I took it one step further and started researching the employees and the company. It was almost like we had the exact idea, about the same podcast, at the same time, with the only difference being me adapting the lighter side. They have are professional, have extremely high production value, and the experience is so good, that you can take away a lot of knowledge from it. I plan to contact them and see if there is a way we can amalgamate our ideas. I don’t have the professional writers, editors, production team, etc., but I do have a lot of information that parallels this. I’m hoping I can transfer the idea and see if we can put this together.

As you know, it’s been difficult due to my most recent bout with back pain, but it’s not stopping me. I’m going to get a letter out to them to see if we can start a conversation. I’m very excited; I hope they listen to what could be a potential collaborative project to provide millions of pain sufferers with more education, in turn helping them to survive.